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10 reasons to deploy a bill-payment kiosk

Good quality Multimedia Kiosks for sales
Good quality Multimedia Kiosks for sales
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10 reasons to deploy a bill-payment kiosk
10 reasons to deploy a bill-payment kiosk


Does your company have long lines forming at your payment offices? Do many of your customers still like to pay with cash or check? Bill-payment kiosks can help relieve those long lines so that your counter staff can better focus on other tasks like customer service and upselling.

Here are the top 10 reasons why bill-payment kiosks help to improve the customer experience:

1. According to the financial servies firm CFSI, cash circulation has increased by 6 percent in the last 12 months. With more and more people wanting to pay their bills with cash, bill-payment kiosks have the ability to quickly and easily process these payments at office locations.

2. Payment kiosks work like reverse ATMS. A Wincor-Nixdorf survey found that people prefer to make deposits at ATMs rather than with a teller — a preference that likely seeps in to area of bill payment as well.

3. According to research by Duluth, approximately 40 percent of visitors to mobile phone stores are there solely for the purpose of paying a bill. If customers are redirected to payment kiosks, long lines can potentially be cut in half — resulting in delighted customers and a less burdened staff.

4. Because of the economic turmoil of recent years, more customers are waiting until the last possible minute to pay their bills. As credit has gotten tighter, many of those customers are paying in cash. Payment kiosks allow for customers to pay in cash, or any other form of payment they'd like, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is obviously advantageous in comparison to only being able to pay during regular office hours.

5. Many payment kiosks also offer real-time processing which allows people to pay on time and avoid late-fees and disruption in services to those "just-in-time" payers.

6. Bill payment kiosks allow for less clerical error since it is automated and customers enter their own information.

7. Bill payment kiosks can also be more secure, as many are remotely monitored and emptied by cash collection companies. This means employees no longer touch funds, therefore helping to reduce end-of-the-month discrepancies.

8. Reconciliation labor costs are also greatly reduced because there is no need to manually count deposits and reconcile them to accounts paid with kiosks.

9. Kiosks located in third party locations like convenience stores essentially function as multiple satellite offices, but without the overhead and additional staffing costs and a long line of customers.

10. Many kiosks can be programmed in multiple language options to help better serve customers whose first language is not English.

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